EU Sectoral Social Dialogue on Temporary Agency Work


  • Joint SSDC project: Eurociett and UNI Europa selected IDEA Consult to carry out the field research on "comparing temporary agency work with other forms of employment"



  • Eurociett and UNI Europa signed their joint recommendations to EU policy makers on how to maximise the role of temporary agency work in facilitating labour market transitions
  • Publication of the Executive Summary of the full report "The Role of Temporary Agency Work and Labour Market Transitions in Europe"
  • Transitions Project: Eurociett and UNI Europa selected Wilke, Maack and Partner to carry out the study
  • Update of the work programme (2011/2012)




  • A round table to promote sectoral social dialogue on temporary agency work in Turkey was held in December.
  • The social partners' European observatory on cross-border activities continued its work. Main priorities are the sharing of good and bad practices in cross-borders activities and the preparation of practical information tools.



  • Eurociett & UNI Europa agreed on a joint declaration on the draft Directive on temporary agency work, which contributed to reaching the agreement at European level.
  • A joint research project on vocational training for temporary agency workers has been carried out by Eurociett and Uni-Europa. The results of the project have been communicated in the framework of a stakeholders conference held in December. 
  • The Eurofound Study on temporary agency work and collective bargaining, has been conducted on specific request of the sectoral social partners, who contributed to the research.


  • Eurociett and UNI Europa signed a Joint Declaration in the framework of the EU debate on Flexicurity.
  • A round table event has been organised in Budapest to promote the sectoral social dialogue on temprary agency work in Hungary.


  • Eurofound, the European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions in Europe, conducted a study on "Temporary agency work in an enlarged European Union" on request of Eurociett and Uni-Europa. The two sectoral social partners contributed to the study.
  • A Round Table has been organised in Warsaw to promote the sectoral social dialogue in Poland.


Since the year 2000, temporary agency work has been established as one of the sectoral social dialogue committees on the European level.

Eurociett has been recognised as the official social partner, representing the employers’ side (with UNI Europa being its counterpart representing the workers side).


Joint Project 2013/2014

Transitions Project 2011/2012


Work Programme and general information

Eurociett/UNI Europa Joint Declarations


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