Agency work contributes to better functioning labour markets

Agency work contributes to job creation

Agency work helps to create jobs that would not exist otherwise. Research shows that 80% of the existing agency workers fill jobs that would not have been created if agency work had not been available as  a flexible workforce solution. 

Agency work is a dynamic player in the labour market, which contributes to providing employment opportunities for workers even in times of economic downturns and crisis. At the same time, the agency work industry will be among the first to create jobs, once the economy recovers. This key role of the industry as change enabler has also been illustrated in the Eurociett/BCG Strategic Resarch Report "Adapting to Change".

Agency work secures transitions in the labour market and offers a stepping-stone functions

Young people and first time entrants are significantly over-represented among the agency work population, as illustrated in the Ciett Economic Report "The Agency Work Around the World" (2013).

Especially young people use agency work as a tool to acquire professional experience, to acquire skills and qualifiations needed and to gain access to the labour market.
In a similar way, agency work broadens labour market access for other groups (like long-term unemployed, disabled people or ethnic minorities). This role of the industry of enabling transitions in the labour market has been subject to a comprehensive, EU sectoral social partners project conducted in 2012.

Agency work facilitates skills enhancement

Agency work contributes substantially to enhancing qualifications, skills and the employability of workers.
By offering opportunities to acquire professional experience and by facilitating access to vocational training, agency work helps workers to adapt in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing labour market.

In 2008, the EU Sectoral Social Partners Eurociett and Uni-Europa carried out a joint project on the contribution of temporary agency work to vocational training, which illustrated this role.


Agency work improves the functioning and efficiency of labour markets in Europe. Main components of this positive contribution are linked to the EU Employment Strategy and related EU Initiatives in the area of employment and social affairs.

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