The role of agency work in the EU Employment Strategy

The Europe 2020 European Semester process

The Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainalbe and inclusive growth is a key European policy to promote labour market reforms in Europe and to reach more dynamic and adaptable labour markets. Central employment policy priorities of the strategy, such as raising employment levels, reducing youth unemployment and developing a skilled workforce are fully supported by Eurociett. The private employment services industry is committed to provide an essential contribution in this field. 

Europe 2020 Country-specific recommendations

Each year in May, the European Commission proposes country-specific recommendations to the Member States, focusing on needed labour market reforms, policies to promote skills enhancement and to enhance labour market opportunities for young people. In the past years, some of these recommendations have been focused on the agency work industry, including for example the call to develop cooperation between employment services. Eurociett welcomes the policy instrument of country-specific recommendations as a tool to foster labour market reforms in the Member States.

Partnership between employment services

As part of the Europe 2020 Strategy, it has been explicitly recognised that there is a need to develop cooperation between public and private employment services to reach better functioning labour markets. The EU PARES Initiative has been established to foster dialogue between public and private employment services and to develop partnerships in the Member States

Eurociett Position: Eurociett actively promotes the setting-up and strengthening of public-private partnerships of employment services.  The EU PARES Initiative  is explicitly welcomed and supported by Eurociett.

Eurociett Manifesto