Eurociett Membership - National federations

To become a Eurociett member as a national federation, candidate organisations should meet the following criteria:

  • To be a (multi)national federation which is representative of the private employment agency industry in the country that it is from and recognised as such by the competent national authorities. It should be based in a country recognised by the United Nations as an independent State and that is a member of the EU, EEA or the EFTA.
  • Ordinarily, only one national federation in each country may apply for membership. However, under exceptional circumstances, the General Assembly may decide to grant membership status to more than one national federation per country, if it feels that the candidate federation country is still not sufficiently represented in the Confederation; these federations also represent the industry and, where applicable, are recognised as such by the competent national authorities.

Candidate countries that would like to apply for Eurociett membership should:

  • Fill in the membership application form
  • Attach the requested complementary documents
  • Send back the documents to the Eurociett Secretariat

Received applications will be submitted to the Eurociett Board. If granted by the Board, they will then be put forward to the Eurociett General Assembly for final ratification (simple majority vote with a quorum of at least half of the members present or represented). Eurociett membership will start as soon as membership fees are paid.