Benefits of Eurociett Membership

As a European trade federation, Eurociett aims at shaping a more favourable environment for the private employment agency industry in Europe, especially by lifting unjustified obstacles and by improving the image of the agency work sector.

In order to achieve these objectives, Eurociett provides a broad range of services to its members, which are designed to support them in their public affairs and public relations actions:

  • Intelligence gathering and monitoring European Affairs
    Eurociett monitors all EU policy areas of relevance to the private employment agency industry and informs its members on a regular and timely basis, especially via a monthly Public Affairs Report.

  • Pro-active lobbying on European Affairs
    Eurociett defends the common interests of its Members on the key policy priorities and maintains regular contacts with the European institutions and stakeholders (EU Commission, EU Council and European Parliament, trade federations, trade unions, think thanks and research institutions).
    Eurociett provides on a regular basis position papers on the main EU policy priorities to support members in their lobbying on the national level.
    Eurociett provides support to national federations for their lobbying on key topics of the national, political debate.
    Eurociett maintains close relations to the media and issues press releases on the main public affairs priorities.

  • Best-practice sharing
    Eurociett promotes the exchange of best practices via its annual conferences, its website’s “Members Only” section and dedicated workshops.
    Eurociett General Assemblies, which are open to all members, are organised two to three times a year to discuss public affairs priorities, agree on the priorities of the federation and exchange information between members.
    Eurociett distributes on a regular basis an internal newsletter that informs members about new developments in the agency work industry (national federations & corporate members).

  • Data and Strategic Research
    The Eurociett Secretariat gathers data, research and statistics on the agency work industry and provides corresponding information to its members.
    Eurociett carries out own research projects in close cooperation with research institutions and bodies.

  • Increase representation and awareness of the agency work industry
    Eurociett works towards increasing the representation of the industry by getting new members and supporting the setting up of new federations, by strengthening the involvement into national employers federations and by developing training programmes for the staff of national federations.
    Eurociett supports junior federations to improve their organisational structure and to strengthen their profile and activities.
    Eurociett works towards improving the awareness and profile of our confederation, by sharing information, providing marking tools, revamping the Eurociett website, publishing an annual report and issuing a newsletter for external audiences.

  • Improvement of the image of the industry
    Eurociett works towards the improvement of the image of the agency work industry in Europe, especially through press relations, meetings with key stakeholders and public relations campaigns.