Rights & Duties of members

In addition to the specific conditions to become one of the three types of Eurociett member (national federation, corporate member, associate member), a member must satisfy at least the following conditions:

  • in the case of a national federation, it must be recognised as the industry’s representative in its country and have a democratic structure;
  • not have violated the law;
  • abide by the provisions of this Constitution and the Code of Conduct

Members’ rights and duties are as follow:

  • Members shall be represented by a representative at the meetings of the Eurociett’s General Assembly. Federations and Corporate Members shall have one vote at the General Assembly meeting.
  • Members shall make timely payment of the contributions fixed by the General Assembly.
  • Members shall be held liable for their financial commitments with respect to contributions vis-à-vis Eurociett.
  • A member cannot be required to pay any compensation in case of a failure to perform, or due to fault or error on the part of Eurociett. It can never be held liable or be required to pay an amount exceeding its contributions.

All Eurociett members shall only keep their Eurociett membership if they are members of the Ciett global organisation.