Mission & Objectives

Eurociett was established as the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies to promote common interests of the agency work industry in Europe. This is done especially by:

  • Seeking greater recognition for the contribution that private employment agencies make to better functioning labour markets, especially in relation to three key aspects: job creation, access to and integration in the labour market of diverse groups of workers, economic growth and tax revenues.
  • Creating the most suitable regulatory environment for the industry in Europe.
  • Supporting the European policy objective of increasing EUís competitiveness, growth and employment.
  • Raising quality standards for the industry and fighting against rogue providers.
  • Improving the image of the industry and strengthening its reputation.


Eurociett brings together 30 national federations of the private employment agency industry in Europe, and 7  of the largest, multinational staffing companies worldwide: AdeccoGi GroupKelly Services, Manpower, Randstad, Trenkwalder and USG People.


Presentation of Eurociett Profile & Structure [PDF]