Structure & Constitution

Eurociett has been established as a non-profit association under Belgian law in 2005. The Eurociett constitution establishes the Eurociett General Assembly, Board, President and standing committees as main bodies of the confederation.

The General Assembly has been set up as highest decision-making body, in which each Eurociett Member is represented and has the right to vote. The General Assembly may delegate its power to the Board and/or Secretariat. The General Assembly defines the strategy and priorities of the confederation, reviews the progress achieved with regard to the main public affairs priorities, sets up the confederations budget and membership contribution table, elects the Eurociett Board, decides on membership applications and other membership issues, amends the constitution if required and reviews the activities of the Board.

The Board is composed of 12 members, which are elected by the General Assembly. The Board is in charge of the day-to-day operations and activities and the management of the confederation. This includes especially the implementation of the confederationís action plan, the implementation of the budget and the financial management, the follow-up of applications and membership issues and the invitation to ordinary and extraordinary General Assemblies.

The Public Affairs Committee and the Research and Economic Affairs Committee have been established as standing committees of Eurociett, furthermore a non-standing committee on EU Social Dialogue has been set up.