Code of Conduct

In October 2006, the Eurociett General Assembly has adopted the Eurociett Code of Conduct, which defines the common principles and values shared by all Eurociett Members. The Code of Conduct is an excellent example of the high quality standards Members of Eurociett are committed to achieve when offering their services to companies and job-seekers.

The Code of Conduct is structured in two main sections:

  1. The first section of the Code of Conduct includes the common agreed principles, which are shared principles for conducting the agency work business between all Eurociett members. These principles built on the national codes of conduct and international norms for the agency work industry and include for example the principle of the prohibition to charge fees to job-seekers, the respect of the law, principle of transparency, the commitment to safety at work, respect of diversity and high quality services.

  2. The second section illustrates the commitment of Eurociett to contribute to common EU policies and focus on the principles of flexicurity, job creation, the stepping stone function of agency work, especially for young people, disabled or elderly, the commitment to life-long learning and work mobility, as well as the objective to address constructively challenges resulting from demographic changes in the European societies. Being recognised as social partner by the European Union, Eurociett is committed to a fruitful social dialogue, which is also expressed in its code of conduct.