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  • Eurociett discusses job creation with Commissioner Andor (02-03-2012)
    Eurociett met with László Andor, European Commissioner for Social Affairs and Inclusion yesterday to discuss the positive contribution private employment services make to job creation and growth, particularly for young people. At the same time Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz stressed that appropriate regulation needs to be in place for the industry to deliver more jobs to Europe.
  • Agency work continues to create jobs as unemployment rate hits 23 million (08-11-2011)
    The agency work industry in Europe grew by +4.7% in August 2011 compared with the same period in 2010. The sector has experienced seventeen months of continuous year on year growth. The most recent data suggests that growth is continuing at a reduced level compared with previous months. This mirrors the evolution in unemployment figures across the EU, which rose to over 23 million.
  • 10 months of continuous growth for the agency work industry in Europe (05-04-2011)
    The agency work industry in Europe grew by 25.2% in January 2011 compared with the same period in 2010. This marks the tenth consecutive month of growth for the sector. 37.8% more agency workers were employed in Germany in January 2011 compared with January 2010. The number of hours worked by agency workers in Italy rose by 31.5% during the same period. While in France, the number of hours worked by agency workers was 24.5% higher than in January 2010.
  • European agency work market continues to recover (31-01-2011)
    The agency work industry in Europe grew by 23% in October 2010 compared with the same period in 2009 reports Eurociett?s newly published Agency Work Business Indicator (AWBI). The agency work industry in Europe entered the recession in June 2008 and reached its lowest point in the second quarter of 2009. Since then, the industry has been in recovery, and has been displaying positive growth since March 2010.

  • Eurociett strengthens its hand with new members and the election of a new Board (11-01-2011)
    Eurociett is pleased to announce the addition of four new members and the election of a new board. The GI Group and national federations from Romania, Latvia and Lithuania joined the confederation. Alain Dehaze (from the Adecco Group), Regional Head of Northern Europe for Adecco, and member of the Adecco Executive Committee was elected as Eurociett Vice President while Hans Vink (Manpower) and Anna Wicha (Polskie Forum HR) became board members. Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz was re-elected, as were four other board members.


    Renewed focus on Flexicurity is welcome (04-10-2010)

    Eurociett, the voice of the agency work industry in Europe welcomes the renewed focus on Flexicurity by the EU Belgian Presidency provided by its conference ?Flexicurity to the Benefit of Workers? taking place on 4 and 5 October. However, neglecting to invite social partners as speakers is a missed opportunity to highlight the key role they can play in implementing Flexicurity policies.

  • Herwig Muyldermans appointed as Special Vice-President of Eurociett (01-07-2010)

    As the Eurociett Board member representing Belgium, Herwig Muyldermans, Director General of Federgon (Eurociett?s Belgian member) will hold the position of Special Vice President of Eurociett during the Belgian EU Council Presidency which begins today. In such a position Herwig Muyldermans will be able to better represent Eurociett?s interesests vis a vis the EU Council Presidency, acting as a focal point between the two parties.

  • Agency work can contribute to EU 2020 Strategy targets of growth and jobs (18-03-10)
    The Agency Work sector contributes to each of the key pillars of the Employment dimension within the EU 2020 strategy, and is ready to play its role in delivering growth and jobs across the EU27.
    The European Council on 25/26 March, and indeed the tripartite social summit that precedes it, will debate the Employment goals as laid out by Commissioner L?szl? Andor including raising employment levels, facilitating labour market access for the young and unemployed, reconciling flexibility with security, upgrading skills and promoting work mobility.


  • Launch of European Observatory on Cross Border Temporary Agency Work (04-12-09)
    UNI-Europa and Eurociett, the European sectoral social partners for the temporary agency work sector, have officially launched the European Observatory on Cross Border activities within Temporary Agency Work (TAW). The European Observatory has been launched to provide analysis on the cross border movement for workers and companies in the TAW sector, with a special focus on the impact of the implementation of the Posting of Workers and Temporary Agency Work directives.

    More information about the project is available here.

  • Agency work industry contributes to Post 2010 Lisbon Strategy discussions (12-10-09)
    As the Swedish Presidency and the European Commission work to prepare the ground ahead of the Spring European Council discussion on the post 2010 Lisbon Strategy, Eurociett, the European federation of Private Employment Agencies, has published a position paper with the industry?s contribution on Europe?s future priorities in employment policy.

    More information on the EU Employment Strategy is available here.

  • Agency Work can drive economic recovery for Europe (23-03-09)
    This weeks Czech Presidency conference in Prague on "Implementing flexicurity in times of crisis" will highlight the role that agency work can play in managing the crisis and driving competitiveness.

    More information about the contribution of agency work to better functioning labour markets is available here.


  • Eurociett and UNI-Europa agree on a joint declaration on the draft Agency Work Directive (29-05-08)

    Eurociett and UNI-Europa - the European social partners for the temporary agency work sector - have reached an agreement on a joint declaration on the draft directive on working conditions for temporary agency workers. Both Eurociett and UNI-Europa hope that the EU Council, Commission and European Parliament will take this joint declaration into account in their forthcoming discussions on the Directive. The joint declaration, which reconciles the interests of the social partners of the sector, should be seen as a balanced and integral deal, and taken as a package, each article complementing each other.


  • Eurociett launches the new version of its website (30-01-07)

    A new website ( and online platform of the agency work industry in Europe has been launched today by the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies. Eurociett is the authoritative voice of the private employment agency industry in Europe, representing 24 national federations and the 6 largest, multinational staffing companies worldwide. Following the adoption of a new corporate identity, Eurociett has revamped its website and enlarged the presentation of corporate and public affairs.

2006 and before

  • Academic research reveals that temporary workers are happier and healthier than permanent workers (9-05-06)

    An academic research published in May 2006 has showed that the common assumption that employees on temporary contracts are treated less well than permanent workers and are less satisfied with their job is not supported by empirical evidence. The study reveals that the lower level of satisfaction felt by permanent workers, compared to temporary ones, is determined by the work overload they are subjected to and to the nature of the contract they are assigned to.

  • Temporary agency work is a well-regulated industry across Europe (23-04-06)

    This is the main result of a first-ever carried out survey on temporary agency work in the EU25, Norway, Bulgaria and Romania by the EIRO Foundation. The overview report shows that temporary agency work is an increasingly significant form of employment in the European Union. In 2004, it accounted for around 1,5% of total employment, involving between 2.5 to 3 million agency workers, employed by approximately 20,000 firms, in a segment with an annual turnover in excess of ?75 billion.

  • Eurociett urges the EU Member States to take decisive actions to reform labour markets (28-03-06)

    Eurociett welcomes the conclusions of the 2006 EU Spring Council. Increasing labour market flexibility, adaptability and an inclusive labour market remain to be key requirements for raising employment rates and promoting growth and competitiveness in Europe. An essential precondition for reaching these objectives are structural reforms as identified in the Conclusions of the European Council, which should be orientated towards reducing red-tape, administrative barriers and lifting unjustified obstacles in the labour markets.

  • By excluding Temporary Work from the Services Directive, the European Parliament has missed a chance to support job creation in Europe (16-02-06)

    During the plenary of the first reading on the Services Directive, the European Parliament has decided to exclude temporary work from the scope of the Services Directive. This decision represents a missed opportunity for the recognition of temporary work agencies? contribution to an effective and attractive EU labour market. In the very year of enhancing Workers Mobility across Europe and four years to the completion of the Lisbon Strategy, the European Parliament denies the temporary work industry the tools to lift unjustified and unnecessary restrictions. By doing so, MEPs deny the possibility to contribute to creating millions of new jobs on the grounds of national protectionism and misperceptions about the reality of the well regulated temporary work industry.

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