Flex Work Research Centre: an international database on Agency Work


The Flex Work Research Centre website provides a comprehensive overview on research in the domain of agency work. The collection of studies and research includes especially the following topics:


  • Private Employment Agencies and other forms of flexible work
  • Flexible forms of contract and personnel supply services
  • Labour market and labour law developments, legislation and governance in the European countries
  • The Flexicurity debate on the national and international level
  • Selected public affairs topics that directly affect the private employment agency industry


The website and knowledge centre project, which is run under complete, academic independence, is founded by the University of Amsterdam, the Stichting voor economisch onderzoek, the Amsterdam Instituut voor Arbeids Studies, and ABU - the Dutch employers organisation for the private employment agency industry.



Ciett and Eurociett strongly support the initiative of Flex Work Research Centre, as there is an essential need to make research and data on agency work available to a broader public in order to promote a better understanding of the role of private employment agencies on the labour market.