Research Institutes

There are a large number of research institutes and bodies that carry out research on labour market developments and the role of private employment agencies.

FlexWorkResearch is a website and knowledge centre project of the University of Amsterdam, the Stichting voor economisch onderzoek, the Amsterdam Instituut voor Arbeids Studies, and the ABU that gathers research and studies on agency work and provides them to broad public via a web portal.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD]
The OECD provides sources of comparable statistical, economic and social data, and especially on employment and migration.

Eurostat, the European office for data and statistics, gathers and publishes on a regular basis employment and labour market statistics. On an annual basis, Eurostat carries out the “Labour Force Survey”, which covers employment and labour market trends, including flexible forms of employment.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions [Eurofound]
Jointly with Eurofound, Eurociett has carried out a research project on temporary agency work in an enlarged European Union. The synthesis report on the national reports are available on the Eurofound website.

The Work Foundation
The Work Foundation is a non-profit organisation that brings all sides of working organisations together to find the best ways of improving both economic performance and quality of working life.

University of Manchester
The University of Manchester and the Economic & Social Research Council have implemented a series of studies and research projects on the globalisation of staffing companies. More information is available on the website of the university of Manchester or of the ESRC.

Institute for the Study of Labour
As a private, independent research institute, IZA focuses on the economic analysis of national and international labour markets. The institute conducts extensive research in all relevant areas of labour economics. IZA also advises policymakers on current labour market issues.

Institute for Labour Research
The Institute for Labour Research was established at the University of Essex [UK] in March 1996 as a vehicle to focus and promote economic and social research into the evolution of labour market structure.

Institute for Employment Research
The institute for Employment Research has been founded in 1967 as research institute of the federal employment service. The institute strives for providing the required scientific and factual information for the development of active labour market policies in Germany. The Institute for Employment Research has an interdisciplinary focus in analysing employment and labour market trends.