Eurociett acts as speaker at EU Commission Conference on ICT Jobs


Eurociett Policy Advisor Michael Freytag stresses the role of private employment services in better matching demand supply of labour

Speaking at the European Commission Conference on the launch of a Grand Coalition on Digital Jobs, Eurociett Policy Advisor Michael Freytag stresses the key role of private employment services in meeting the needs of tomorrow's labour market, in matching demand and supply of labour and up-skilling workers.

Michael Freytag stressed that "private employment services welcome the launch of the Grand Coalition for digital jobs. Private employment services contribute to the Coalition's objectives by providing training and up-skilling for agency workers and indeed already partners with ICT skills initiatives such as the European Alliance for Skills and Employability. In particular our sector has a role to play in better matching demand with supply in the labour market - identifying job opportunities and facilitating smooth transitions for workers, ensuring they remain in employment."

At the same time, Eurociett stressed that labour market regulation and labour market policies in many European countries are not yet fitted to match these new realities of the labour market. Against this background, Eurociett used the Commission's Conference to call for labour market reforms unlocking the contribution of private employment services to the Adaptation to Change, to better functioning and more inclusive labour markets.

The launch of the EU Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs is closely linked to the EU Employment Package "Towards a job-rich recovery", on which Eurociett had issued a position paper.