Eurociett discusses job creation with Commissioner Andor


Eurociett delivers message that private employment services need appropriate regulation to contribute to job creation

Eurociett met with László Andor, European Commissioner for Social Affairs and Inclusion yesterday to discuss the positive contribution private employment services make to job creation and growth, particularly for young people. At the same time Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz stressed that appropriate regulation needs to be in place for the industry to deliver more jobs to Europe.


A delegation of Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz, Managing Director Denis Pennel, Board Member Hans Vink and Policy Advisor Michael Freytag delivered these messages while presenting Eurociett’s latest strategic research report Adapting to Change.


“Regulation on private employment services needs to be modernised in many European countries to become more appropriate and to balance security and flexibility” stated Annemarie Muntz. “In Europe, appropriate regulation for private employment services means fully implementing the Agency Work Directive. It is clear that this is not currently the case in many Member States,” she added.


The transposition of the Agency Work Directive is quite unbalanced and needs to be pursued. Equal treatment for agency workers has been implemented in all EU27 Member States, but the corresponding lifting of unjustified restrictions on agency work have not been implemented in a number of countries. Examples include limitations of HR services to be provided by temporary work agencies and sectoral bans.


Eurociett met the Commissioner at the time when EU leaders discussed economic growth and job creation in Europe to identify a path towards a job-rich recovery. The Eurociett/ Boston Consulting Group report, Adapting to Change, presented at the meeting highlights how private employment services can contribute to this strategy.


The industry has the ability and expertise to reduce the number of unemployed young people which currently stands at over 5 million by creating jobs that would otherwise not exist. Private employment services offer a stepping-stone to the labour market and contribute to the skills enhancement, by offering vocational training and work experience particularly to people accessing the labour market.