Adapting to Change Report presented today in Greece


Eurociett Policy Advisor Michael Freytag speaks at the ENIDEA national launch event on "Adapting to Change Report" in Athens.

Reflecting on the key challenges for the Greek labour market - a high level of unemployment and particularly youth unemployment, a still too restricted and underdeveloped private employment services industry and the lack of cooperation between public and private employment services, Michael Freytag presents key findings of the new Eurociett/BCG Strategic Research "Adapting to Change".

He illustrates particularly the role of private employment services in driving job creation, in offering a stepping stone to the labour market and in reducing undeclared work. Michael Freytag provides best-practices on the added value of cooperation between public and private employment services and calls for labour market reforms in Greece, which help to unlock the contribution of private employment services to better labour markets.

Following the presentation of the Report, Eurociett will participate in a round table debate with Greek social partner representatives.

The "Adapting to Change" Report can be downloaded here.