Renewed focus on Flexicurity is welcome


Embracing modern labour market practices can deliver a win-win situation for workers and business

Eurociett, the voice of the agency work industry in Europe welcomes the renewed focus on Flexicurity by the EU Belgian Presidency provided by its conference ‘Flexicurity to the Benefit of Workers’ taking place on 4 and 5 October. However, neglecting to invite social partners as speakers is a missed opportunity to highlight the key role they can play in implementing Flexicurity policies.

The Agency Work sector is at the heart of the Flexicurity debate, offering flexibility and security for both workers and businesses,” explains Denis Pennel, managing director of Eurociett, citing a Eurofound report. “Our industry has developed the transferability and portability of rights for agency workers. When an agency worker moves from one company to another their rights transfer along with them which is of vital importance for agency workers’ security.

Social Partners are key to making Flexicurity a success. As the EU Sectoral Social Partner for the temporary agency work industry, Eurociett can speak with authority and expertise on the issue of Flexicurity, and should be looked to for input in future discussions on the issue. Eurociett stresses that Social Partners bring first-hand expertise and knowledge of the successful operation of Flexicurity policies and in 2007 Eurociett and Uni Europa signed a joint declaration in the framework of the debate on Flexicurity.

The full statement can be read here