Michael Freytag discusses agency work regulation in Austria


Eurociett Policy Advisor acts as keynote speaker at round table debate on "Agency work - a European perspective"

Linked to the European Forum Alpbach, a policy dialogue was held on 31 August 2011 in Alpbach. Michael Freytag and Gerhard Flennreiss (Austrian Chamber of Commerce) acted as keynote speakers.


Key topics addressed during the policy dialogue were the contribution of agency work to well-functioning labour markets, main charactistics and developments in agency work regulation in Europe and the concequences of the transposition of the EU Directive on temporary agency work.


A special focus was placed on the specific characteristics of the Austrian agency work market, its position and perception in Europe.


The policy dialogue concluded with a discussion on the strategic vision of agency work in the future labour markets and the evolution of the agency work industry in the coming decade.