EU Vacancy Monitor illustrates job creation in agency work industry


Eurociett welcomes the publication of the third edition of the European Vacancy Monitor

On 14 July 2011, the European Commission has published a new edition of its quaerly European Vacancy Monitor Bulletin. The European Vacancy Monitor is an up-to-date review of developments in the job vacancy market in Europe, which was launched in November 2010 and is published on a quarterly basis.


Key findings of the Bulletin include the strong growth in labour demand in the temporary agency work sector and the role of temporary agency work as an important indicator of developments in the economy and labour market.


Furthermore, a country special looks at the German labour market, indicating that the demand for temporary agency workers in Germany grew much faster than in other EU countries.


As for previous issues, Eurociett has provided data for the Commissionís European Vacancy Monitor.


The July 2011 edition of the European Vacancy Monitor is available on the website of DG Employment.