Eurociett responds to European Parliament draft report on New Skills and Jobs


Eurociett welcomes the European Parliament draft report on the New Skills and Jobs Flagship Initiative which correctly identifies the importance of strengthening flexicurity arrangements at national level in order to drive inclusive labour markets.


Eurociett Managing Director Denis Pennel stated, “Promoting labour market reforms and balancing work security with employment flexibility will contribute to job creation and labour market participation. The Agency Work industry offers an excellent role model for both principles:  it brings people into work and also enhances their skills to enable them to transition within the labour market.


We applaud the report’s recommendation to reduce segmentation of the market between temporary and permanent contracts. Modern labour markets need a diversity of contractual arrangements that also provide suitable work security, based on the transferability of rights and social benefits independent from the labour contract.  Our industry has developed best practice examples in this area.”


The report also makes specific reference to tackling youth unemployment and integrating young people into the workplace.  Young people comprise some 50% of the agency workforce and agencies often provide their first exposure to the world of work.


Eurociett's position paper on New Skills and Jobs can be read here