Private employment services enable adaptation to change


Eurociett announces key messages of ‘Adapting to Change’ report during Tripartite Social Summit

A report undertaken by Eurociett and the Boston Consulting Group has been released today. It finds that private employment services help organisations, governments and individuals adapt to structural labour market changes amidst a complex and volatile economic landscape.


"Adapting to Change" demonstrates that private employment services have the potential to help bring work to some of the 23 million unemployed people in the EU27. As Europe works towards its 2020 targets of a 75% employment rate the report reveals that many organisations are turning to private employment services to develop skills and match them with labour market needs to accelerate faster out of a downturn.


Speaking ahead of today’s EU Tripartite Social Summit Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz stated "Private employment services represent a key driver of job creation and enabler of change in labour markets. Private employment agencies have created more than 900,000 new jobs since the low point of the economic crisis. At the same time, the contribution of the industry to job creation must be further strengthening by lifting existing, unjustified restrictions, as stimulated in the EU Directive on temporary agency work."


The report demonstrates that labour markets can only truly operate efficiently if relevant and up-to-date regulation on private employment services is in place (see Figure 1 for the Regulatory Efficiency Index that has been specially created for this research). Countries with mature and appropriately regulated private employment services have better functioning labour markets, resulting in job creation, smoother transitions and higher labour market participation and diversity (see Figure 2). Countries with the highest index scores were those which had most embraced the principles of Flexicurity in a manner which fits with their national labour market model.


"If the aim is to reduce the duration of unemployment, particularly for young people then the expertise of private employment services is essential. Public and private employment services should work hand in hand to increase cooperation that will strengthen labour market participation. The EU PARES initiative can provide an important contribution in this context," added Ms Muntz.


The key messages of "Adapting to Change" will be presented by Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz during the EU Tripartite Social Summit for Growth and Employment, taking place in Brussels, Belgium on October 17. Presidents Barroso, Van Rumpuy, European trade unions and business leaders will hear the ways in which private employment services can provide a bridge to social and economic progress and provide a number of solutions that fuel economic progress, support and protect workers.