Eurociett contributed to debate on employment policy in Hungary


Eurociett Policy Advisor Michael Freytag underlined the need to develop the contribution of social partners to employment policies

The event jointly organised by Euractiv Hungary and Adecco focused on the need to develop European Employment Policies, particularly with regard to the free movement of workers and the implementation of the EU Directive on temporary agency work. 

In his contribution, Michael Freytag underlined that regulation on temporary agency work should be based on a Flexicurity policy approach, thus effectively combining flexibility and work security. He emphasised that social partners in many EU countries are playing an active role in reaching such a balance, based on established systems of social dialogue and collective labour agreements.  In Central and Eastern European Countries, Eurociett and its sectoral social partner Uni-Europa have been very active in the past years to develop social dialogue within the temporary agency work industry, particularly through the organisation of Round Table events.

With regard to the two main EU Directives that have been addressed during the event, Michael Freytag stressed that Eurociett fully supports a full implementation of the Directive on temporary agency work, which should also be used to develop social dialogue on employment and working conditions. With regard to the posting of workers, he stressed the joint actions of the EU sectoral social partners, particulalry the European observatory on cross-border activities.