Agency work contributes to labour market integration of migrant workers


On 2 March, Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz was a panellist at the European Policy Centre’s policy dialogue on “Temporary and Circular Migration”. In her address, Ms Muntz highlighted the role the agency work plays in integrating migrant workers in the labour market.


Agency work contributes to facilitating short term work migration which addresses mismatches in the labour market. Agency work can help to close the potential employment gap which is expected to reach 33 million people in Europe in 2050 by managing these transitions.


Eurociett supports more well regulated immigration, both intra EU and from third countries. This is necessary to bridge the demographic gap, ensure that necessary skills are available in future to keep Europe competitive. Ms Muntz also stressed that agency work organises work migration in a well regulated way.


Regulation is at a good level, however control and enforcement are most definitely not. There are still a lot of rogue agencies out there. At national level we see some welcome developments to fight illegal cross border labour. In some countries sectoral social partners have agreed on instruments to ensure the protection of temporary migrant workers and set quality standards, for instance through specific provisions in collective labour agreements, like in the NL, covering access to housing and transport and even the establishment of  CLA police  to enforce the rights included in collective agreements.