Position Paper on "New Skills and Jobs" Flagship Initiative published


Eurociett welcomes the four main priorities of the initiative and puts forward 7 recommendations

In the position paper on the European Commission's New Skills and Jobs Flagship Initiative, Eurociett welcomed the 4 main priorities put forward by the European Commission to contribute to inclusive growth, namely to promote better functioning labour markets, develop a more skilled workforce, ensure better job quality and working conditions and strengthen job creation.

To further unlock the contribution of the agency work industry to inclusive growth, Eurociett puts forward 7 policy recommendations:

  1. Focus national labour market reforms on developing country-specific models of balancing security and flexibility, using the agency work industry as a way to reach a good balance between both principles
  2. Use the PARES initiative to strengthen the cooperation between public and private employment services to secure the transition from unemployment to work
  3. Explore the full potential of agency work to enhance the skills of workers
  4. Take advantage of the expertise gathered by private employment agencies to enhance labour market transparency and ensure a better matching skills and labour market needs
  5. Recognise and promote agency work as the most secure form of external, flexible employment, which provides jobs of quality and contributes to making transitions pay
  6. Focus labour market reforms on ensuring the required diversity of contractual arrangements, while providing relevant work security.
  7. Unlock the contribution of agency work to job creation and inclusive growth, particularly by lifting existing, unjustified restrictions imposed on temporary agency work activities.