Eurociett Policy Advisor contributes to Expert Taskforce on Work Migration


Michael Freytag speaks at European Policy Centre on the contribution of the agency work industry to well-regulated work migration

 On 8th of July, Michael Freytag takes part in an expert task force of the European Policy Centre on "Temporary and circular work migration".


Michael Freytag stressed that temporary agency work is overall highly regulated in Europe, based on a mix of statutory legislation, collective labour agreements and instruments of self-regulation.


He underlined that the applicable national, European and international regulation on temporary agency work also covers the area of work migration, thus allowing the industry to provide a well-regulated form for temporary work mobility and work migration.


Furthermore, Michael Freytag illustrated that the agency work industry is committed to organise work mobility in a proper way. Against this background, the Eurociett Code of Conduct includes clear principles on work mobility and the sectoral social partners are discussing questions linked to cross-border activities of temporary work agencies in the framework of a European Observatory.