Eurociett President speaks at Swedish Staffing Agencies’ Annual Meeting & Seminar


Eurociett President, Annemarie Muntz, will participate today - April 22nd - to the Swedish Staffing Agencies’ Annual Meeting and Seminar. The theme of the conference is “Management by climbing trees” and is held at the Wennergren Center in Stockholm.


Annemarie Muntz will be giving her views on the agency work market from a European perspective, presenting the mission and objectives of the private employment agency industry in Europe. Henrik Backström, director of Swedish Staffing Agencies and member of the Eurociett board, will also be presenting his views on the brightening future of the industry in Sweden.


Other speakers include Micael Dahlén, professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, Veli-Pekka Säikkälä, agreements secretary for IF Metall, and Anders Johnsson, who will be presenting his new book on the staffing industry’s history. Sven Otto Littorin, Sweden’s Minister for Employment, will also be giving a speech during the dinner.