The common principles of Flexicurity agreed offer the appropriate framework of labour market reforms


Member States should actively involve private employment agencies in active labour market policies.

In an attempt to strike an improved balance between labour market flexibility and work security and to promote labour market reforms in Europe, the EU Employment and Social Affairs Council has adopted on the 5th of December common principles of Flexicurity. Eurociett explicitly supports the call for effective, active labour market policies in the common principles of Flexicurity and draws attention to the need to involve private employment agencies in these policies.


Private employment agencies contribute substantially to active labour market policies by providing more work opportunities to more people. They currently employ more than 3.3 million workers (daily FTE). Continued structural growth will raise this with 1.6 million to reach 4.98 million jobs by 2012.


Private employment agencies contribute to effective active labour market policies by ensuring a better matching between demand and supply of labour and by facilitating transition from unemployment to work. They also act as a stepping-stone to the labour market and enhance the employability of workers through professional experience and training.


The Eurociett press release on the results of the Employment Council can be downloaded here.