Thursday 17 March 2011
Economic growth leads to increase in job vacancies

Agency work industry contributed to the second edition of the European Vacancy Monitor

Thursday 10 March 2011
Better mapping and matching skills and labour market needs

Agency work industry contributes to high-level conference organised by the European Commission

Monday 07 March 2011
Need to boost reforms and labour market participation

Eurociett welcomes the EU Employment Council's Conclusion

Thursday 03 March 2011
Agency work contributes to labour market integration of migrant workers

On 2 March, Eurociett President Annemarie Muntz was a panellist at the European Policy Centre’s policy dialogue on “Temporary and Circular Migration”. In her address, Ms Muntz highlighted the role the agency work plays in...

Tuesday 01 March 2011
Position Paper on "New Skills and Jobs" Flagship Initiative published

Eurociett welcomes the four main priorities of the initiative and puts forward 7 recommendations